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My first ever release. I'm super excited to share this with you!

These three songs are the initial ignition of my solo project RAFFA.

It took me quite some time to put something together that was worth to be released. I think all these years I intuitively was looking for a project which I could finalize all by myself - a project that allows me to fully express my musical ideas without having too many limitations and without having to think about the Zeitgeist.

It all began with a story in my mind. In early winter 2021 I spent a lot of time skitouring in the mountains. Spending time in nature and enjoying the impact it has on body and mind, it became one of the most important things in my life. During this time I asked myself what music I could write and release, in what form and under what concept? One evening when I watched 'The Art of Flight' I thought - this is it!! Nature, adventure, great pictures, and stories, … these are the things that fascinate me and I’ll make a soundtrack that should capture these moments.

The entire EP will be released on the 1/1/22! Stay tuned for the rest of the songs!

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