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Welcome to Raffa's EPK. Feel free to use all of the content available on this side. All rights are cleared and we'd be happy when you spread the word! For any enquiries please use our contact form below or get in touch via our social media channels. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 


Please download the complete EPK here! All rights for media usage 

are cleared! 

RAFFA is a producer, composer, and drummer. With music that is modern but also organic, he takes you on a sonic journey through time and space. Inspired by nature and the search for the unknown, his music should invite you to leave the every day life behind, albeit for a short moment. Melodic soundscapes and strong human rhythms create a new sonic dimension and give the listener the feeling of experiencing an adventure.

    Everything started very early, with RAFFA growing up and witnessing his dad’s music career, working in the studio, and going on tour.  Primarily being a drummer, RAFFA spent his teenage years bashing the drums in local bands. First gigs and tours reinforced the idea to focus on becoming a professional drummer. In 2015 RAFFA moved to Berlin to study music and play with several artists (MIN t, Kann Karate, Me and the Monster, …). After many great experiences including gigs all over Europe, RAFFA decided to move back to his hometown in Austria to focus on his creativity. The result is his first EP Ascent. An assemblage of ideas he collected in winter of 2021. The main idea was to leave the chaos of the world and escape into a musical world that combines the old school way of recording and modern sounds, without paying too much attention to the zeitgeist.

    RAFFA is currently starting a studio in his hometown and there are exciting projects to come in the future.

Press contact:

Raffael Brunner

Raffaltplatz 12

8850 Murau

+43 664 9125400

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